Sunday, December 19, 2010

A few months later...

Almost a year has gone by since my last review, Terriers, Rubicon and Lone Star were cancelled and Shit My Dad Says is still on tv. I wish I could take back what I said about 2010 being a good year for tv.

Harry's Law would make a decent lead-in for the young and the reckless, The Cape's pilot is, and that's a shocker, worse than its script, Mr Sunshine has been softened and once the laugh track is officially added, I will finally be able to call it a CBS show without feeling bad for the good script that the comedy is sort of based on. The only thing deserving your attention this winter is The Chicago Code because anything Shawn Ryan writes is gold but I will lose a few bets if the show stays on the air for more than a few weeks.

I've put my hands on a few scripts that were given pilot orders for next season and they are not all bad. Don't hold your breath, we are still a long way from September 2011 and there is plenty of time for them to turn to shit. Besides, we all know what the cancellation of Lone Star and My Generation is going to be very tough for original ideas on the major networks (and NBC).

Also, hello SAG Awards, we know America loves Betty White but is Hot in Cleveland really in contention for best comedy ? I mean I could see how some of them could have been confused into putting The Good Wife in the best drama category, but Hot in Cleveland ? And who the hell is Mariska Hargitay anyway ? Moving on... Golden Globes. I can't see Breaking Bad in that list and that beautiful lady from Covert Affairs seems to be nominated for ... Wait a minute ! Katey Sagal and Piper Perabo are on the same list for the same award ? And by the way, thanks for throwing at our faces the fact that nothing happened in tv comedy for the past three years. No writers with actual talent (should) cares about any of these awards but it is a real shame that people such as Vince Gilligan, Shawn Ryan or Kurt Sutter (although I could see why no one would want him at a fancy ceremony) are not rewarded for their amazing work.

I'm still open to receive any scripts that I'm willing to discuss here on the blog or via emails, don't hesitate.