Monday, April 18, 2011

More as the Story Develops (HBO) by Aaron Sorkin

What is it ? :
It's a drama (working titled More as the Story Develops) who's currently assembling its cast at HBO. The pilot is set behind the scenes of a cable news show and was written by Aaron Sorkin (Sports Night, The West Wing, Studio 60 and The Social Network).

Good/Bad :
Before you people get your panties in a bunch, I should probably say that I have always found Sorkin's work very enjoyable, the man is talented, no one can deny it without coming off as slightly retarded or jealous. I don't know him personally and I couldn't care less about his (dis)beliefs or about the way he runs his writing room. What I care about is that this yet to be titled project is good.
There is a bit of Studio 60, a bit of The West Wing and a bit of Sports Night but it doesn't feel like any of them. The style is similar, naturally, it's smart, fast and it won't allow you time to check your phone every once in a while.

In this one, Will runs the 8pm news show for a network called UBS and discovers that his entire staff decided to quit while he was on vacation because of his bad attitude. A suit at the network took the matter in his own hands and hired him a new executive producer, McKenzie who just so happens to have a complicated past with Will.

Before you people get your panties in a bunch again, yes, if you can put two and two together, I'm sure you will be able to tie this pitch with past arcs in some of the shows I mentioned before but the show explores something new and absolutely captivating (that's cable news if you haven't followed). Sorkin is great at making us love unlikable characters and at telling incredibly compelling stories and this script is exactly what the doctor ordered. It will make you laugh, cry and think and you can't say that much about a lot of shows.

If you were a fan of any of his past shows, rest assured, you won't be disappointed so you better get ready to welcome him back to television, if you only know him for The Social Network, then know that the best of Sorkin is on television.
The show will be another exciting and fascinating adventure with intriguing, absorbing and very intelligent people like only Sorkin can deliver. I can't wait.

Will it make it ?
Well, Sorkin should have been on HBO one failed tv show ago and especially thanks to The Social Network, I doubt the network will pass on this.

Will it work ?
It must.

Should it make it ?
Just like Veep and the rest of the network's projects in development... It should.

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