Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm back ....

Hi everyone,

I'm back, and I'm bored. No one wants to send me J.J. Abrams script or David Simon's pilot (let's face it, this script was every reader's nightmare, but we can't really doubt the man's talent either ...). If you were wondering, Undercovers, Abrams' new show working title, is just all right while David Simon's Treme, on the other hand, is better than The Wire (well, I don't really believe it either, but that wouldn't surprise me if it turned out to be true...)

Poor fucking season, huh? It looks like we are gonna be dragging Shonda Rhimes's work of art for another twelve years, FlashForward is a disappointment (hey, I said seven months ago it wasn't good), The CW fucked up The Beautiful life (I said it seven months ago), Sons of Tucson sucks (where did they find these kids, seriously...), Confessions of a Contractor was killed by CBS (but we knew it was coming...), 100 Questions is a disaster (and that's what the geniuses at NBC will do to a script), HBO supposedly killed The Wonderful Maladys and shit, this was a great pilot, NBC will probably disappear before the CW (The Vampire Diaries? Brilliant. No one bothered to tell Ian Somerhalder that if you ever play a character called Boone, you cannot be taken seriously ever again...), Jason Hurwitz still doesn't have a show on air and I'm gonna stab the next idiot who dares comparing Arrested Development and Modern Family (which is great nonetheless)...

But seriously, let's cut the crap, this year was piss poor TV-wise, but I'm fairly certain 2010 is a good one. You just have to look at HBO's line up if you don't believe me ...
Anyway, I'll be back with the first scripts of the season in just a few weeks and I'll definitely be more active than last year.
I will have time for a few spec scripts next days, please send them at if you would like a few advices.


  1. Poor Elmo! Great you're back though. :)

  2. Nah, I wouldn't say this tv-year was piss poor. Quite the contrary. Sons of Anarchy evolved from a very good show to one of the (if not THE)best shows on TV and a worthy The Shield replacement. Other great shows like Curb, In Treatment or Californication delivered their best seasons to date. New shows like Hung, Modern Family, V, Bored to Death, Nurse Jackie or Tara had very promising (if not already great) first seasons.

    But 2010 could indeed be even better. Most promising to me are FX's Justified, Archer (the hilarious pilot already aired this year) and Lights Out. Starz visually stunning 300 meets Rome rip off "Spartacus" and of course HBO's Boardwalk Empire and hopefully Game of Thrones. Darabont with The Walking Dead on AMC would even top that.

  3. Please have that script for the Palladino HBO show.