Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review : Mr. Sunshine (ABC) with Matthew Perry

Plot :
Mr. Sunshine is Matthew Perry latest baby, a script co-written with Alex Barnow and Mark Firek in which he will play the manager of a sports arena who discovers he's unlikeable.

Good/Bad :
Hands down the best script for the new reason I've read so far, Mr. Sunshine is a workplace comedy where each character is as absurd as the next one. It's not only funny, but also full of quirkiness that most comedies have been lacking these past years. The main problem is that none of the characters seems pleasant enough to appeal to a large audience (think Arrested Development or Action ...), a recurring problem with shows cancelled before their 13th episode. But if you can get over the fact that Ben doesn't care about anything and hates pretty much anybody (because it is also funny) and realize that likable characters are, in fact, boring, then Mr. Sunshine will definitely be your new favorite show.

Will it make it ?
Yes. ABC still need to replace a few comedies (Hank, Scrubs and Better Off Ted) and after Modern Family, I want to feel confident about "original" comedies. Besides, Matthew Perry is attached and after Cougar Town, I'm sure the alphabet want to give our other Friends a chance.

Will it work ?
Well... I'm not sure. It has the potential to and it'll probably come down to how ABC market it, but in the end, I still have a hard time seeing such a characters ensemble working on network television.

Should it make it ?
Hell yes, it should.


  1. I'd rather have seen Perry uncensored in End of Steve for Showtime, but if this is nearly as good as Modern Family I'm fine. ;)

    Most Wanted script reviews(spoilerfree): Walking Dead, Luck, Powers, No Ordinary Family, The Event and Ridealong.

  2. Totally agree, Perry showtime would have been fun to watch for a whole season. I hope ABC gives it a chance. I hope they're so high on comedy and Perry that they let it ride if the numbers don't pop right off the bat.

  3. This is interesting because Perry's Mr Sunshine is putting Cox's Cugar Town on a 9 weeks hiatus starting Feb 9th. ABC is clearly playing Perry vs Cox. Knowing that Perry turned down a role on Cougar Town as love interest to Cox's Jules, i am pretty sure there will be no love lost between the two friends in this Battle for the wednesday 9:30 timeslot (a great timeslot following Modern Family).

    Something tells me that Courteney will win this one, the work her and her team put on Cougar should pay out.

    Plus Perry is taking too many roles on Mr Sunshine exec prod, lead actor, writter and director... He should have left the writting to more experienced people ad call David Schwimmer for directing...

  4. He did not direct the episode. Thomas Shalamme who directed TWW, S60 is the director. Perry's roles are, lead, writer, exec and creator.