Thursday, January 27, 2011

S.I.L.A. (NBC) by Stephen Gaghan

What is it ? :
It's a drama written by Stephen Gaghan (Traffic, Syriana), set in the world of crime, law enforcements and politics in Los Angeles.

Good/Bad :
What an impressive script. S.I.L.A has nothing to do with Southland, it is actually like nothing you've ever seen before. It moves fast, it's shocking, compelling, brilliantly written, thought-provoking and above all, absorbing. SILA has a wide ensemble of characters that interweave along the pilot, each and every one of them being as appealing as it can get. Unlike most shows, S.I.L.A. does not take sides, it just shows every dark layer of cops, politicians and criminals. Some of the characters such as Max or Mullins (for those who've read it) are stunning while the twists surrounding them are unexpected and will make it hard to miss one episode.
If S.I.L.A hits the screen next September, it will be setting new standards for quality network television. It is as good as it gets.
And yes, we find out what S.I.L.A. means.

Will it make it ?
S.I.L.A looks very expensive and tough to broadcast at 8 or 9pm but it is what NBC needs to prove it can still make the right choice.

Will it work ?
It might be good enough to appeal to a wide enough audience, some will like it because NCIS is not on and others will root for it (the way it should be) like no other show on tv.

Should it make it ?
Hands down my favorite script of the new season, I really hope it will, I do.

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