Monday, January 17, 2011

Smothered (ABC) by Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen

What is it ? :
It's a comedy about a couple who's being smothered by their respective parents who desperately want to spend some time with their only grand child. Smothered is in contention at ABC and has been written by Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen (producer and writer for Romantically Challenged, Worst Week, Three, Welcome to the Captain and Friends).

Good/Bad :
The snooze fest continues with yet another 50 pages of unfunny jokes with Smothered where two grand parents are fighting over their only grand child. There is nothing new in this pilot and it feels drained out by page 20. On one side we have the pretentious and wealthy grand parents who are trying hard to be snobs and on the other side, the complete opposite. I can't understand how anyone could consider seeing this show making it past five episodes plot-wise nor how anyone would greenlight it. It is incredebly cliche, disorganised while the whole concept of the show is uninteresting. Once again, I have nothing good to say about this script, Smothered is purely and simply bad.

Will it make it ?
Not by a long shot.

Will it work ?
I doubt it.

Should it make it ?
Let's just say Smothered is almost as bad as I Hate My Teenage Daughter.

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