Sunday, April 19, 2009

Early review of Flash Forward (ABC)

I finally found the time to read Flash Forward, a rather big project as ABC is planning to pair it up with Lost. One thing is certain, it's not going to be easy living up to the hype.

First off, the writers planned to sell this to HBO who said that Flash Forward would work better on a network and it's when ABC bought it. The F-Word is all over the place and there are a few sex scenes that will need to be cut, but if it's all ABC does, it might work.

I'm not so fond of Flash Forward, maybe I was expecting too much from the plot I read on ABC's press release a while back, I mean, a global black out of two minutes and seventeen seconds where everyone see a few months into their futures, with a headline like this one, potential story-lines are countless.

On the other hands, the characters failed to interest me, an AA FBI dad married to a nurse with a kid whose babysitter has sex with her boyfriend while on the job, well, thanks but no thanks. Let's just say I hoped for a bit more. And it's sad to say but that's all there is to this project. After the black out, everything goes on, except the FBI AA dad has seen he was investigating something in its future and decides to work on it before it happens (hello life on mars). As for the rest, there is a clear lack of storyline. So yes sure, I will be back for episode, not because of the characters, but thanks to this blackout which is by far the most fascinating thing of this pilot.

HBO might actually not have refused to produce Flash Forward because it was too expensive, but maybe because it wasn't so good after all. Sure, it won't be bad, but I wouldn't call it the next Lost just yet. It obviously needs some work before the comparison can even be made, and because waste such a brilliant concept (and seven million dollars) would be a crime.


  1. Sounds A LOT like "The Nine", with a cool premise but nowhere to go.

  2. The premise is from a book by Robert J. Sawyer by the same name.

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