Sunday, April 26, 2009

A not so early review of Glee (FOX)

As it's premiering sooner than most of the shows I'm usually reviewing, you've probably all heard about Glee, Nip Tuck's creator Ryan Murphy latest baby. When I first heard about this, I was disappointed that someone like Murphy was about to lose his time on a network TV show. Last Nip Tuck's seasons weren't any good but you can't deny the brilliance of the first, and in case you have seen Pretty/Handsome, a pilot he wrote for FX which leaked online last summer, you can't deny either the genius of the man (oh and if you are wondering, yes, Pretty Handsome never made it to TV because it shocked people).

Murphy is going after a very difficult universe, high school. Difficult because stereotypes are a part of high school therefore it's hard to find a concept that won't feel like deja-vu on the subject. Although Glee is the perfect example of how you can revitalize a genre that's been dried again and again. Saying the show is going to be cliche-free is a lie, but the show takes a look at what's inside the head of these teenagers. Glee has a strong concept, a story-line for a whole season, some compelling characters and trust me when I say there are fewer and fewer scripts that can claim to have these.

Will has been Glee's Club manager for several years and he has finally decided to take it to the top. Besides a few problems assembling a real team, the principal of the school wants to rent their auditorium. Will manages to obtain an extra two months with the Club when claiming he will be able to win the regionals. If he doesn't, the Glee Club is out but we all know that not going to happen, don't we?

Ryan Murphy has proved his excellence and versatility writing Glee and I can only be glad to say that this show will take an interesting look under the appearances, much like the very realistic Freaks and Geeks did ten years ago. It does try too hard to be funny at some point but the well handled drama widely make up for it.

But it's not all there is to Glee, just in case you haven't heard, half Broadway joined the show as a regular (see the amazing Lea Michele) or as a guest star (see the talented Kristin Chenoweth) and that's just another sign that Glee is going to knock your socks off. Funny thing by the way, Jane Lynch's character doesn't appear anywhere in my draft, meaning her role has been added because she was available, and not because it belonged there, but let's not be a troll before it's clearly shown her character is unsubtle (oh wait, a trailer begs to differ).

All in all, with its post American Idol slot, its great writing, and its great cast, Glee has everything to work and as long as people stop thinking it's kinda like High School Musical, it will definitely be on next's season line-up.


  1. Ryan Murphy's first show was a high school -- The WB's "Popular." Dang! All you reviewers keep forgetting to mention it and it was bloody brilliant! Shame it only lasted 2 seasons...

  2. Are you just now reviewing the script that has been online since last year?

  3. I think the subject matter of PRETTY HANDSOME didn't help its chances, but honestly, it felt like NIP/TUCK in Connecticut and that cast would have been expensive to maintain. I didn't think it was horrible, but it didn't grab me the way it grabbed you.

  4. This show looks good. I'm hoping it'll be the next Freaks and Geeks/Popular because those shows were awesome and there's been nothing like them in years. Also just hope it won't be another 90210. Not long until we find out anyway.
    By the way Charlie, just discovered your blog and think it's great. Hoping for some more reviews soon.

  5. I'm from France but thanks Internet I watched the first episode of GLEE. And that's AWESOME. Specialy the Journey's song part but that can't be fair because I'm a huge fan of this band and more of this song.
    Like Cian R. Taafe it's remains me of "Freaks & Geeks", but also of "Pushing Daisies". Let's hope GLEE will be luckier than its predecessors... Fingers crossed!!!
    As soon as I discovered the show, I talked to my blog. GO GLEE!!!

  6. Hi! I was wondering how I can get a copy of the script for Glee? Where can I purchase it or find one free? Thanks.

  7. Where can I watch Pretty/Handsome?

  8. Glee episode w/Brittney was distasteful. What the boy in the library was doing was disgusting.
    The scene in the gym with the student body going crazy was also over the top w/R rated humping moves again by the lilly white fro-headed boy. You know kids 13 yrs old watch this program! Clean up your act!!!!