Sunday, April 19, 2009

Early review of Rubicon AKA Jason Horwitch Project for AMC

When I heard that AMC had found a new script and that they were ordering a pilot, I knew I needed to read it, then I saw the plot of what is now called Rubicon and realized that, I needed to read it fast.

The fact is, all I can think about is the day that I will get the second episode's script, yes, it's that good.

Will Travers works at a National Think Tank called the American Insitute Policy. Needless to say he's smart, very smart. New York Times' crosswords takes him about thirty seconds of his day. Will loves crosswords and he's going to find something weird about them, a pattern. The weird kinda thing that interests his bosses. His direct superior Haddas, a superstitious good friend of him is going to report this pattern and take credit for it. Problem is, the train he was on the next morning has an accident and Haddas is not going to make it. Something doesn't look right to Will and from that point, he is going to encounters more and more things that accident was about making disappear his friend.

Rubicon moves fast, from the opening teaser to the ending teaser, I wasn't bored for a second, and it took me abut fifteen seconds to get hook by the story, and with a plot like this one, I wasn't really surprised. The eccentric geniuses from the American Institue Policy all sound challenging and I can't wait to know more about their pasts, see what made them who they are. The development of the intrigue is very well put in place and his going to give work to the Lost fans.

I was instantly caught into the dark universe of Rubicon and its smart moves to a final teaser that gives us a first look at that secret society who can pull strings all around the world that might just be the best pilot ending of the last decade.

However, Rubicon is going to be hard to pull and challenging on so many levels. First for actors since playing a genius clearly isn't an easy gig, then because the conspiracy/mystery thing can be tricky, finding a balance between questions and answers (ask Lindelof) is one of the thing that comes to my mind, and because you can lose track of what you're doing even without noticing it. But this is AMC we are talking about, after Mad Men and Breaking Bad, I believe we should cut them some slack because if there is one channel that can pull this off, it's AMC.


  1. I just saw the pilot, and I couldn't agree more. It was an outstanding episode. I wish I could have read the script though. You're a lucky man to have access to scripts like that. I hope the show succeeds wildly. I'm a BIG fan of Breaking Bad and Mad Men, so I also believe that AMC could pull of this show quite well.

    Thanks for the review.

  2. It's no Breaking Bad. Way too many long pauses and dramatic stares, far too much time spent on screen with nothing happening. It could be an interesting show but the editing needs to seriously be tightened up, it gets boring too often. Hopefully future episodes (once story is established) will move at a quicker pace.

  3. Just watch the premier.Excellent writing . The Best potential series I have seen since
    MI 5 .Cannot wait to see more and more. I have never ever sent a note like this about any program but had to for such a great program. th kc

  4. This show (Rubicon) has aired previously. I don't remember when but I have seen it before. Doesn't anyone else remember it?

  5. Is it true that AMC will be bringing back Rubicon to life in 2012. I saw a comment from Charlie Collier on the Rubicon website and we are hoping that it is true. Can anyone verify this fact?

  6. One of the best acted, written and produced shows for the last ten years. Many of us are tired of reality shows and just general junk that is shown on television. This is a smart show for smart people with all the right ingredients. I just hope the rumours are true about the return of this fantastic program.