Sunday, February 14, 2010

Review : Chaos (CBS) by Tom Spezialy

What is it ? :
Chaos was acquired by CBS, the spin-off network that can't do anything that doesn't involve lawyers or cops. Chaos follows a young CIA agent who realises he doesn't have a job at the Agency (recession is hitting everyone pretty hard...). After a confusing deal, he realises he was hired to spy on rogue operatives. The project was penned by Tom Spezialy and will be penned by Brett Ratner.

Good/Bad :
Besides the plot, there isn't much good there. The script contains too many twists and left me wondering who to care for. You know how they tell you that you need to show you characters going from A to B ? Well, Tom missed that class because nothing changes in Chaos. Nothing is exciting anymore in the fascinating spy business, it's just people betraying their own again and again, but wait, no actually he's not, but wait yes... This is confusing. It also seem to be missing the part where the rogues spies are combatting incompetence because all I saw was a bunch of spies doing whatever they want for no purpose whatsoever, maybe because they weren't mature enough to understand what no means.

Will it make it ?
Since everyone in town wants a spy show, chances are Chaos might (I'd give it a 60%).

Will it work ?
No, it won't, spy stuff is coming back big next year and no one is expecting, rightly, to watch anything original from the eye. And if people do watch it, they will quickly realize they've been fooled right before they go back to Undercovers and Covert Affairs.

Should it make it ?

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