Sunday, February 14, 2010

Review : The Walking Dead (AMC) by Frank Darabont

What is it ? :
Dumb question. It's the Walking Dead, the tv adaptation of a great comic created by Robert Kirkman. It's about a cop called Rick who wakes up after a coma only to discover everyone is a zombie. The script was written by the great Frank Darabont.

Good/Bad :
Unlike most zombie flicks, The Walking Dead is chracter driven and that is exactlty what makes and will make this new AMC tv show one of the greatest. The Walking Dead was a fantastic pilot, both on the drama and the horror side. Darabont developped the first quarter of the first comic into a suspenseful and thrilling pilot with some scenes that have already made it in my favorite-tv-moments-of-all-time-notebook (I really have one). "Dialogues are subpar" according to my bad-mouthed co-workers but it is 10% true and 90% jealousy, and I'm sure they will be fixed by the time The Walking Dead makes it to the screen.

Will it make it ?
Every pilot AMC ordered became a tv show and there is absolutely no reason The Walking Dead won't.

Will it work ?
Better than Breaking Bad on top of Mad Men.

Should it make it ?
Dumb question.


  1. Fingers crossed that AMC picks it up. I'm even more excited about Walking Dead than about Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones. Still not sure if I should read the comics before the series.

  2. Don't. Enjoy the television series first.

  3. the comic first

  4. Interesting - Frank darabont involved? That deserves some attention for sure.

  5. It looks like AMC is definitely gonna be the next HBO. They're on a run for sure.

  6. the Pilot was terrific. the rest of the first season was merely mediocre.