Sunday, February 21, 2010

Review : The Rockford Files (NBC) by David Shore

What is it ? :
It's a cop show (pretending it's not one) written by House's David Shore. Just like in the original, it follows Jim Rockford, a "roguish" private detective.

Good/Bad :
Angela Bromstad [NBC's President of Primetime Entertainment] said this script was the best christmas present she's had in a long time ; and I can't help it but pity her a little bit. Rockford is not what you would expect from David Shore. Jim Rockford is a cynical unpleasant man who just happens to be very good at his job (Hello ? Greg House on the phone... Yea... Please give me back my personality...) except that, unlike House, I couldn't come to care about this guy, no matter how big is heart turns out to be (cool cliffhanger, huh ?). I wasn't entertained by The Rockford Files, not by the case, not by any of the characters. On top of that, The Rockford Files is not clever, these are things we've already seen quite a few times without the added value (e.g. a girl with large breasts, a talking dog or some young people dancing). I seriously had a hard time finishing the script and I get to read a lot of bad ones at work (meaning I'm usually quite good with reading things that bore me.)

Will it make it ?
NBC needs new shows and they are excited about having David Shore new project...

Will it work ?
The only problem is, The Rockford Files will disappoint because they will feel they already watched that show before (even for those who haven't seen the original).

Should it make it ?
This is definitely not what NBC should be getting into right now, we don't need another ordinary cop show on the air, CBS already has plenty. I'm tired of bad remakes and I'll probably get really drunk if I have to sit through the pilot.

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  1. Seems like NBC is desperate to have ads for a show that says 'from the creator of House'. I'm definitely gonna pass.